3-4 year olds love play and anything involving imagination. In our custom program built just for them - they get all this and more, in every class.


5-6 year olds are enthusiastic. They love creativity and problem solving. Our Basic SKILLZ program is perfect for the social and intellectual level they're at.


7-9 is called the “golden age”. Kids have great vocabulary and problem-solving skills, but still need the right guidance from adults. This age groups gets exactly what it needs from Core SKILLZ.


At this age, kids worry about what's socially acceptable more than anything else. Our Extreme SKILLZ program understands this, and provides them with an environment that helps them grow, thrive, and excel.

Leslie Aybar

A great school. Its just an awesome experience . My son started since the beginning as a white belt. Today he has the Bodan belt and almost achieving the desirable BLACK BELT. He also participates in the After School program and every time there is a Camp .. He loves to be there every single day . Master smith keeps all the kids very active and gives them a very good discipline. He has also a very well organized activities program which I like .. Highly recommended.

Karmen Spadavecchia

My daughter and son have been attending Sunrise Taekwondo for several years now, my daughter received her Black Belt and my son is well on his way and very determined to get it. He especially loves the Camps that Master Smith puts on when the school is closed for the holidays. Master Smith is very attentive, supportive and keeps the kids attention, also loves to keep them active! He is a great teacher! He works really well with the kids and you can see the difference in them right away. We are very proud of the work and teachings Master Smith gives his students. Great school, definitely recommended!

Mike Verna

Sunrise Taekwondo has been great for my niece. Not only is it great physical activity, but its a fun environment, especially for a not-so-competitive type of kid. Master Smith provides great attention to each student, allowing them to learn at her own pace while keeping her on track for the next belt. There are plenty of classes offered, which really helps with a busy work schedule.

Elaine Carella Germinario

Congratulations to our Chachie/Dante for getting his black belt yesterday. We are so proud of him for this great achievement. He worked very hard to get this. In addition I would like to congratulate Dante's classmates for their belts. A special thank you goes out to Master Christopher Smith from SUNRISE TAEKWONDO for all his hard work, dedication, tough love and patience. You have given my son the confidence he needed that was taken away from Tiger Schulmann. You are a special teacher because you don't just take ones dough...you actually teach and make it fun and family oriented.